Pronounced (Chez-Eh-Ray). Welcome to the home of ultra chic. Not available in any store.

This is the home of the 'Original''. 'The One & Only'. Style. Sophistication. Glamour. 


Passionate about what we do.

Emotion in motion.


E mail Tel:-07939-571057.


The new corporate brochure is available upon request. Hardcopy or PDF format.

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          Please visit from 12th October 2016.


It has been quite a while since this website was edited. I am also surprised it is still looked at. So just that anyone is curious? We are building five European heliports and a jet centre in Switzerland.

We have had problems with certain individuals in the past. Especially Hertfordshire. Buckinghamshire & Suffolk. ALL IP addresses are tracked. From mobiles and VPN. I know EXACTLY who is looking at this website.

As you can appreciate? I think the assumption was they had won? Just so we are clear about everything? I  will deal with any washed up old has been's who think they are better than anyone else.

Any person who interferes with Cesari as a brand regardless of who they think they are? I will deal with you. And make no mistake find you where ever you are if you choose to take us on, Heed the warning. You will only get one.



We are building five E