What makes this company tick...?

Deborah Evans Stickland is an eighties pop star. She has appeared on many TV shows. Her main claim to fame is the iconic 'I want Money'. Plus a few other notable songs such as 'And Then He Kissed Me'. 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'....And lots of other things.

Pete Whelbourn is a wonderful suit designer. Christ! He even makes handmade shoes! He makes all of the Cesari suits and gowns. And all of Kev's suits. We are talking everything single thing is silk & handmade. 

Bryan is  a genius when it comes to event logistics. So! is Said.... The Long Island crew.

Kev.... Scholarship to one of the top three London stage schools. His teachers were the late Vere Lorrimer (Blakes Seven.Tenko). Sean Cotter Director Rte Dublin. Passed the entrance exam for Mi6. Didn't want to be a spy. Got bored. Made TV commercials. Created Kma which was a company that just made top live comedy on the London circuit. Now it is The personal management company of Kev. Then Cesari Ltd....Then the House Of Cesari.

He owns horses. Tiny ones. Shetlands. Fourteen of them.

Kev being completely stupid! He tried to help a couple who were having a hard time but a little proud! He convinced both of them that burglars had got into their house. Tied him up....With the remote in his hand. Cleaned the place from top to bottom. Put a roast in the oven. Filled the freezer & the pantry with food. Put flowers in the vases.... Then ran off!? They believed him!!!! Kev thinks they may strike next month....Hmmm!

Kev has wishes....

If he can raise enough money to completely cure adult & childhood glaucoma. The childrens oncology wards at The Lister Hospital Stevenage. Diabetes. As his mum has it. Epilepsy in both children & adults. He quite simply gets depressed that it should be a basic right and not a gift. 

Get his OBE. Then give it away.

Make a difference to people's lives as he came from nothing.