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Kevin Dalton

Cesari Ltd.

Kevin and I have known each other for more years than we may care to remember!

However if there is a problem that needs solving or a question that needs answering he will be there to help. Such was the case in planning our classical music event Musica 09 at our farm in Belbroughton in July 2009.

Whilst we had similar ideas, as a relative novice in “big productions” I was so grateful for his help and advice. That doesn’t mean to say we didn’t have our differences, but in the end they were resolved and that result was a superb evening with a quality production with enjoyment for everyone.

The Maestro, Antonio Pompa-Baldi, said that the outside sound was the finest he had been involved with. The staging and lighting added to the ambience of the concert. The audience were asking when the next event would be even before the end of the concert!

I am hoping that Kevin will be on hand for our next concert Musica 11 on July 30th 2011. He better be!!!!!


Gaye Hadley

Church Farm, Belbroughton,Worcs

Chair, External Fundraising Committee of Sunfield Children’s Home, Clent, Worcs.