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 Kev Dalton. Managing Director.

Pete Whelbourn. Suits & gowns.

Bryan Nash. Event logistics.

Roger 'Clin' Burley. TV/Film Production. .

Justin Miller. Stadium sound & lighting.

Gavin & Jenna. Stage logistics.

David Williams. Legal representation.

Geoffrey T. Smith & Co.

Malcolm Ward.

Specialist insurance. Churchfields Insurance Ltd.

Tim Davies. Barclays.

Barclays International Mauritius.

KMA Ltd. The Studio. Elstree. Borehamwood. Hertfordshire. 

Kev's artist & repertoire/personal management representation.

Rehearsal Studios.

Oostende Studios. Oostende.8400. Belgium. BV.

Cesari Studios. Uxbridge Road. Rickmansworth. Hertfordshire.

Tilehouse Street Studio. Hicthin. Hertfordshire.

Elstree Studio. Borehamwood. Hertfordshire.