We only produce two handmade 'Cesari' suits & two 'Cesari' shift dresses.

We can create anything you wish for?


Is the must have label.

They look fantastic for the office & equally crossover into eveningwear without missing a beat. 

We have designed them to have accessories that compliment the ensemble. If you are a business person who wants chic. Style & panache without packing a wardrobe. This is for you!?

Each suit & dress is individually created for 'You'.

Each dress & suit is so unique it has a code built into it.

These go far beyond individual. They as personal as your own skin.

They are quite literally a mirror image of you! 

If you want to make a statement.

Feel free to contact us day or night.

We are happy to accommodate your request.






Image is everything....

Most fashion creations are wildly outrageous! And! Wildly expensive. And made by people who have no concept of how you want to be portrayed by society.

We can produce suits and one off dresses to your requirements.

Just tell us how you want it to look and we will endeavour to create your dream.